dijous, 29 de juny de 2017

Islamic culture in Al-Andalus

Title of the activity: Al-Andalus: culture, medicine and arquitecture
Grade: 2n ESO
Subject: Middle Ages
Topic: Al-Andalus: culture, medicine and arquitecture.
Brief descriptionjigsaw activity is a cooperative learning technique where students work in groups to teach each other something, in this case, Islamic culture in medieval Spain. The groups are given an overall assignment, and each group becomes an 'expert' on a smaller part of the topic. Each group prepares a short presentation to share their knowledge with the rest of the classStudents use hand-made flashcards as visual support to help their classmates to understand their presentation. 

Continents of the world

Title of the activity: Continents of the world
Grade: 1st ESO
Subject: Social Sciences, Physical Geography
Topic: Continents and Oceans

dilluns, 26 de juny de 2017

Early Middle Ages

Title of the activity: Fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Germanic migrations
Grade: 2n ESO
Subject: European Early Middle Ages
TopicGermanic migrations
Brief description: This is a great activity for reviewing content called "Find someone who..."/ Asking and answering questions / improving speaking skills. The activity works very well if it is preceded by some lesson input about the beginning of the Middle Ages. 

Modern History 17th century

Title of the activity: Catalan Rebellion and Portugal independence.
Grade: 3r ESO
Subject: The Spanish Monarchy during the 17th century
TopicPhilip IV, the Count-Duke of Olivares and the problems with Catalonia and Portugal.
Brief descriptionThis activity aims at improving students reading and listening skills / helping students to understand new vocabulary in a text/audio / helping students to understand by context while trying to understand how the Count-Duke of Olivares attempts to seize control over the territories of the Spanish Monarchy led to a series of  rebellions throughout the Kingdom. 

dilluns, 12 de juny de 2017

Technology Rube Goldberg Machines

Title of the activity: Rube Goldber Machines (Simple & Compound machines) 
Grade: 3rd of ESO
Subject: Technology
Topic: Simple & Compound Machines

dilluns, 8 de maig de 2017

Ancient History

Title of the activity: The origin of greeks
Grade: 1st ESO
Subject: Social Sciences, Ancient History
Topic: The Greeks

Title of the activity: Parthenon Sculptures
Grade: 2n Batxillerat 
Subject: Art History
Topic: Ancient Greece art

Brief description:  Virtual visit to the Parthenon sculptures in Room 18 at the British Museum. Before watching it and as to facilitate its comprehension, students are asked to work its contents using two different strategies: possible sentences and anticipation guide. The activity aims at improving students reading and listening skills / Helping students to understand new vocabulary in a text/audio / Helping students to understand by context.